Episode 9

How to Grow Your Speaking Business As A Full-Time Speaker

Running a business is a lot like running a marathon… everyone wants the gold medal but few are willing to train and create the endurance to finish. Brian J. Olds is training for his own first 100-mile cycling marathon, but in between that, he is the Founder and President of Black Speakers Network (BSN). BSN is a membership-based professional speaker development and empowerment company with an active network of more than 10,000 speakers. Their mission is to equip, connect, and inspire, the next generation of Black Professional Speakers.


If you’re feeling stuck in your career and you have visions of creating your own business as a speaker, you’ll want to watch this episode. Brian J. Olds is the founder of Black Speakers Network (BSN) who shares the blueprint he used to move from working a full-time job to building a speaking career as a full-time entrepreneur. He’ll share the 5 M’s as the business model you’ll want to use to build your speaking empire –even in the time of COVID-19.