Discover What Stops Your Sales Success

Episode 7

Grow Your Online Business with Social Savvy

John Lawson CEO of 3rd Power Outlet, an online retail clothing and accessories company founded by John Lawson, he has sold millions of dollars in e-commerce merchandise. He has achieved the status of Platinum eBay Power Seller, a top-rated Amazon Merchant and Small Business Influencer of the Year. He has facilitated more than 500,000 transactions online. John is a 3-time Amazon #1 best-selling author, entrepreneur, and international spea ker. John is also the Chief Marketer at ColderICE Media, an IBM Cognitive College adjunct professor, and is celebrated as one of the Top 100 SMB Influencers and The 50 Most Influential in SMB Marketing. John has spoken to over 200,000 people worldwide on eCommerce and social media marketing.


What happens when you know you’re an entrepreneur from birth? Digital Marketing Expert, John “Colder ICE” Lawson, talks about when he knew he was destined to become an entrepreneur. He also shares how he built his booming e-commerce business using social media and creating meaningful relationships, all while generating massive online sales. Be sure to tune in until the end for a strategy you won’t want to miss!


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