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Episode 55

How I Got Out of $20,000 In Debt Selling a Book of Poetry

Lawrence “Larry” Berger, is a top sales guy and professional laugher. His unassuming warmth and professionalism helped him to close a$5Million dollar deals in two phone conversations AND dig his way out of more than $20,000 in debts.

That’s the sign of a top sales guy for sure! He has found a way to succeed despite adversity and setbacks that might’ve taken others out of the game. Today, Larry uses sales techniques to show others in mental health recovery how to sell themselves.


Selling doesn’t always come naturally for most people and it doesn’t have to. Meet Lawrence “Larry”Berger. Whether it’s selling poetry for more than 20 years or closing multi-million dollar deals with two phone calls, he’s found success despite his circumstances. Through adversity and triumph, Larry shares why he’s such a natural salesperson and how he teaches others how to sell today. He actually paid off more than $20,000 in debt in less than six months–all while selling poetry! How kewl is that?!It all started when Larrybegan writing poetry while recovering from being hit by a car numerous times and there sulting in depression. His story is heartwarming and enlightening.


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