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Episode 41

The Healing Power of Ancestral StoryClearing with Dr. MoNique Hunt

Dr. MoNique is the Founder of the Ancestor Wisdom School. She is a Master Ancestral StoryClearing Practitioner who uses the healing power of your life stories and your Ancestors’ guidance to help you create a clear path for living your Soul’s Purpose.

Using her gifts as an Ancestor Griot (ɡrēō) and third-generation intuitive, Dr. MoNique specializes in and uses Ancestor connection and communication in her Ancestral StoryClearing and Healing Sessions.

She helps you release historical grief and blocks embedded in your DNA and passed down through your lineage. Dr. MoNique has guided hundreds of Ancestor training workshops, sacred ceremonies, and talks around the world.

Dr. MoNique’s devotion to the Ancestors comes from her training with her Ancestors both in physical and spirit form, her doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling, mentoring from spiritual teachers from around the globe, and two decades of implementing the teachings of Ancestor reverence in her life.


If your family line is marked by divorce, incest, poverty, anger, grief or betrayal, it may be time for you to connect with your ancestors for guidance. In this episode, Master Ancestral Story Clearing Practitioner, Dr. MoNique Hunt shares how this lineage remains present in your life today and what you can do about it. Not only can you “clear” these negative elements stored in your DNA but you can access your ancestors for their wisdom, strength and guidance, as well. Karmic stories in your lineage may block you from asking for the sale or stepping up to the level of success you desire in your business. It was an insightful conversation that will reveal emotions you may be experiencing that signal it’s time for ancestral story clearing in your life. You may be excited to discover what you can do to connect with your ancestors and experience story clearing that will support you in living full out in your life and business–an experience that will surely increase your sales.


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