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Episode 37

How to Keep Lack of Sleep From Sabotaging Your Sales w/Donata Mooring

After visiting several doctors and being misdiagnosed with Lupus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Donata D. Mooring knew she needed to try something different to address feeling sick, tired, and fatigued. She embarked upon a lifelong journey resulting in a deep knowing and respect of how sleep can impact all areas of life, work, and business. For Donata, it meant taking what she learned about sleep to eliminate her own health issues. She discovered exactly how sleep supported her to gain more energy, become more productive, and experience a newfound rejuvenation in her life. Donata is an experienced entrepreneur of more than 40 years. She has a passion for showing entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals how to respect sleep. Donata knows firsthand how to tap into sleep as a way to boost your immune system and improve the quality of your health and wellness. As a lifelong learner, Donata is a Certified Sleep Science Coach and a Certified Holistic Life Coach. She hosts a weekly podcast entitled, “Rest Leads to Revenue,” which features entrepreneurial leaders and professionals talking about how to improve their success with better sleep.

Donata is the author of two books, 21 Days to Improve Your Sleep Hygiene & Lose Weight, and “Courageous ENOUGH to Launch: Stories & Strategies of Everyday Women Who Faced Their Fears to Launch & Grow Thriving Businesses,” in which she is featured along with more than 40 co-authors and with the visionary, Dr. Cheryl Wood. “Courageous ENOUGH” is a #1 Amazon bestseller. Donata is also a national editor for The National Black Unity News, an international publication, where she is featured as a quarterly contributor. After working with Donata, her clients experience a new lease on life with boundless energy, enhanced productivity, and increased profitability. Donata is the proud mom of two adult children and three amazing grandchildren. 


Never underestimate the importance of sleep to ensure your success in sales. When you do, you’ll find yourself totally ill-equipped to deal with whatever it takes to sell, effectively. In this episode, Certified Sleep Science Coach and Holistic Life Coach, Donata D. Mooring, explains why it’s so important to respect sleep. Once a tired, overworked, overwhelmed mother, entrepreneur and professional, she discovered what was truly hindering her productivity and profitability–and, it’s all about your sleep hygiene. Today, she is on a mission to show seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals how to put daily practices into place to garner better sleep. Donata shares why you cannot “snooze” on sleep and why you must respect sleep as a necessary ingredient in your overall success plan. She knows this is especially a crucial ingredient you want to focus on to improve your sales, productivity and profitability.




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