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Episode 29

The Power of Visibility to Boost Your Brand Power

Roshanda Pratt, comes from a generation of storytellers, animated jokesters, the life of the party types. Her Trinidadian Grandmother was a masterful storyteller. As I child, she remembers visiting family who would share these tales of life in the Caribbean. Her Grandmother would act out each accent, pause at just the right point, she had a way of drawing you in emotionally. This helped whet her appetite for telling stories that sell.

Roshanda earned a BA in Mass Communication from Winthrop University. She says her father is the reason she became a journalist. He told her as a fourth-grader it was her responsibility as an American citizen to know what was going on in her community. She knew she had to tell the stories of her community. While still in college, Roshanda landed her first job in a busy newsroom. She quickly learned how to create content, write scripts for air, work with reporters and sources, and how every person has a story to tell. Every great soundbite begins with an even greater story. After years of covering breaking news, political scandals, hurricanes, and stories of everyday people.

Roshanda left to embark on a journey of finding her voice in a new arena. Her journey towards entrepreneurship took her from Marketing at a major law firm, Public Relations, Crisis Communications, and finally the Storyteller Strategist. Roshanda understands the frustration and slight embarrassment of trying to communicate how you show up in the world. Along with being the Storyteller and Livestream Strategist, Roshanda plays a supportive cast to my husband, Jacobee, and their three blessings. They continue to help her create beautiful stories every day.


Engagement is THE secret to effective live streaming. Livestream Strategist, Roshanda Pratt has built her business over the past six years based on that one concept. As a former news producer, Roshanda was groomed as a masterful storyteller from a young age. She knows first hand the impact you can make by combining live streaming and storytelling to create massive visibility. In this episode, Roshanda shares why, “Visibility Is Power” to let people know they are seen and heard. According to Roshanda, it’s important to create your live stream strategy with camera placement and lighting for your viewers. In your live streaming session, be sure to recognize people as they join your session and empower them with the gift of visibility. Get ready to build community with the power of that two-way visibility and ENGAGEMENT as the secret sauce.


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