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Episode 23

The Power of Relationships to Keep Business Flowing

One of the first business books Rhonda Hight read from cover to cover after officially launching her business more than 27 years ago, was The Personal Touch: What You Really Need to Succeed in Today’s Fast-Paced Business World, by Terrie Williams. She found it inspiring, full of wisdom, and creative ideas. The primary focus was on building and nurturing relationships. As a Corporate Trainer, Speaker, and Executive Coach, Rhonda applied her own experiences and the wisdom gleaned from the book, to provide her clients with a personal touch resulting in deep connections and lasting relationships poised to keep business flowing within your business for many years to come.


If you’re a corporate trainer or executive coach, you understand the importance of having connections with key influencers inside of corporations. It is a necessary part of growing your business that Corporate Trainer, Speaker and Executive Coach, Rhonda Hight, has mastered to keep business flowing in her business for more than 27 years. In this episode, she shares how she’s leveraged relationships to grow and sustain success in her business. While trust is a necessity, Rhonda’s business model includes other crucial ingredients that are part of building solid relationships, too. When you understand all of ingredients, you’ll be poised to keep business flowing within your business for many years to come.


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