Discover What Stops Your Sales Success

Episode 17

How to Focus On Profit First To Ensure Growth In Your Business

Patricia Stallworth, a.k.a. the profit coach, teaches coaches and consultants how to get back to basics –to plan to make the money they envisioned when they first started their business. She says the sad truth today is that only about one-third of businesses make a profit and that means that the majority do not and that not only puts businesses in jeopardy it also puts the owners in jeopardy as well. And that’s something she’s on a mission to change. Patricia is the CEO of PS Worth, the author of The Profit Handbook and is the host of the SO BOSS 360 podcast.


In 2019, two thirds of businesses either didn’t make a profit or they broke even. Clearly, this contributes to the high failure rate for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Profit Coach, Patricia Stallworth, shares why having a living, breathing profit plan is no longer optional. Tune in to this episode so you can discover why your profit plan requires digging into the DNA of your business which can be deeply personal. When you understand the elements of your profit plan, you can set yourself up for growth and ensure success in reaching your profit goals.


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