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Episode 15

Purposeful Innovation: Technology that has Meaning and Impact

Carnellia Ajasin, is a creative technologist. She is the CEO and Founder of MindKatalyst, a company that develops software, hardware, and mobile applications for ambitious entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies. She loves all things technology, design, creativity, innovation and social impact. Carnellia believes in design as a force for unlocking business potential and creating value. Her mission is to ensure that all of what we imagine and make is designed to deliver profitable growth for our clients and partners.


Leading at the intersection of strategy, design and technology, Carnellia Ajasin, is at the forefront of creating technology solutions for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies. In this episode, she shares some of the products she’s developed and how strategy plays a huge role in business growth and social impact. Purposeful innovation, as she calls it, focuses on creating software, hardware, mobile application, gamification and more, that has meaning and impact.


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