Discover What Stops Your Sales Success

Episode 13

The Fallacy of Not Nurturing Leads

As one half of the Empowerment Duo, a daily weekday podcast on Facebook Live and other audio platforms, Brian K. McNeill has been charged with a singular responsibility: Entrepreneurial Success. He and his wife, Lisa Santiago McNeill, are successful at helping individuals identify their gifts so they can learn how to make MONEY with them. Having authored four books of his own, he is also the world’s recognized authority on selling services. Brian is a professional salesman, sales trainer, workshop leader, sales speaker, and licensed minister.


Brian K. McNeill is a Sales Connoisseur. By his count, he’s read more than 700 books on the topic of selling. In this episode, he shares insight about the fallacy of generating lots of leads only to lose the sale because you didn’t have the right systems or the courage to ask for the business. Based on his love of sales and a 24-year career as an entrepreneur, Brian talks about why being organized and tracking are the keys to ensure you don’t leave money on the table. As a student of sales education, philosophy, and strategy, Brian adds his big personality to speaking, training, and coaching his clients to achieve huge results.


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