Episode 11

Leadership: Greater than Mind and Heart

Whether she is speaking, coaching or teaching, Rebecca Victor’s clients feel empowered and confident as they embrace a life of greater freedom, awareness and confidence. Referred to as the ‘Queen of Positivity,’ Rebecca’s mission is to engage, uplift and celebrate women as leaders in business, community and at home.

Her mantra of “Living and Leading from the Inside-Out” calls women to take ownership of their personal power as they combine both heart and mind to live in integrity and joy with their life’s passion and purpose. Rebecca draws from over 20+ years of experience in education, business, motherhood and leadership and spiritual coaching to assist women in being the powerhouses they truly are.


If you’re a woman working at high levels in Corporate America, you want to tune into this conversation as Leadership Coach, Rebecca Victor, shares how true leadership begins on the inside. Greater than mind and heart, you’ll discover how to step into your strengths and navigate male-dominated board rooms to stand in authenticity. Being who you truly are is empowering and equips you to withstand challenging situations, easily.