Episode 99

master change to live your best life with lynn scheurell

Lynn Scheurell, professional catalyst, transformation teacher and business advisor, is an authority on creating conscious success through connecting the dots between inner beliefs and outer expression for more intentional experiences. Her passion is actualizing potential and accelerating results so her clients can have what they really want (and have been working for) in life and business.


Imagine feeling overwhelmed when fear shows up in an overwhelming way in your life. Then, imagine fear as a sign it’s time to open the door to your next great adventure. Creative Catalyst, Lynn Scheurell, shares how you can begin to embrace change so you can grow in all areas of your life and business. For more than two decades, she’s shown her clients how to master change and move beyond fear and paralysis to live their best lives. Lynn is the author of four powerful books, including The Energy of Money, to help you understand what you’re creating and manifest more in your life and business. If you’re feeling stuck or stagnant, this conversation will light your way.