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Episode 93

How to Leverage Zoom to Boost Your Sales with Marquesa Pettway, CSP

Marquesa Pettway is a former CNN associate producer turned Business Reinvention Strategist and Professional Speaker, Marquesa Pettway, teaches Speakerpreneurs™, a term she created in 2004, how to leverage their SKILLS, TIME and NETWORK. Ms. Pettway has reinvented hundreds of happy Speakerpreneurs via The National Center for Speaker(preener) Training!

Pettway’s entrepreneurial client’s results include creating or upleveling solid and diverse income streams, leveraging online technology, a reinvented & monetized business from the ground up, and creating a lifestyle business.

Corporations are also an important part of Pettway’s clientele, including Microsoft, Texas Instruments, PepsiCo, USArmy, Grambling State University and the list continues. She’s spoken in every state across North America. Her most requested topics include: Leveraging Online technology, Team Reinvention and Employee Engagement.

An in-demand national and virtual speaker, Ms. Pettway, has an extensive list of awards, leadership and board positions and media interviews. A syndicated  columnist  for TV and author of two bestselling books. She is a Dallas, Texas native and NYC resident for 26 years.


What do you do when the world shuts down due to a pandemic but you still need to communicate with your employees and serve your customers? The answer is: you find a way to leverage the tools you have available and you make it happen. Tune in to this episode with Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Marquesa Pettway. She answered the call and changed the trajectory of her business by leveraging her love of Zoom to become an expert on the platform. Today, Marquesa teaches others how to use the platform and consults and serves many clients on Zoom, globally. Known as the Zoom Queen, Marquesa shares how you, too, can leverage the power of Zoom to boost your sales and grow your business. 


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