Episode 91

using your voice to brand your business with jodi krangle

Jodi  Krangle has been a voice actor since 2007 and has worked with clients from major brands all over the world including Dell, BBVA & Kraft. She’s also a singer and in 2015, she put out her own album of jazz, blues and traditional tunes. Over the years, and doing what she does, she’s learned a lot about sound and how it influences people. Her podcast on this subject is called Audio Branding: The hidden gemof marketing.


Have you ever thought about how your brand sounds? You’ll happy to know it’s important for positioning your brand to attract your most ideal clients. In this episode, renowned voice actor, Jodi Krangle, shares how she discovered the sound of her voice and how she’s been able to use it to support major brands. Get ready to explore how to create the “sound” of your business to increase brand awareness in the marketplace. It may mean delving into a few technical areas, like audio recording and equipment but you’re sure to benefit from creating the sound of your brand to build your business.