Episode 84

Tame Your Technology woes and grow your business with stacy braiuca

Stacy Braiuca is a 40+ year geek girl, 25-year clinical therapist, and public health professional. Some call her the “technology therapist”, aka technology and productivity coach who also happens to be a clinical therapist. She serves entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, healers, wellness professionals, and businesses to increase their productivity by using the right technology tools to fit them, while she and her team also help them produce online events like challenges, giveaways, summits, and conferences.



If you’re ready to tame your technology so you can grow your coaching business, you must watch and listen to Technology Therapist, Stacy Braiuca. She’s found a way to marry her love of technology to coach her clients to embrace technology with ease and effortlessness. For years, she’s helped family and friends who later became family, to master technology based on their unique needs. Stacy has found a way to make technology fun and engaging while you overcome fears and move to mastery at the same time. This is an episode filled with heartfelt stories and insights you do not want to miss.


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