Episode 81

How to Increase Your Visibility with Podcasting with Kathleen Gage

Kathleen Gage loves visibility. For herself and her clients. As the owner of Power Up for Profits, Kathleen has appeared on well over 1,000 shows, on both sides of the mic.

She knows what hosts want and how experts can expand their market reach, impact and influence through the power of their voice. As a leading visibility expert, Kathleen is recognized as someone who can show virtually any bona-fide expert how to amplify your market reach. As a 100% Whole Food, Plant-Based Vegan, Kathleen has made it her mission to raise awareness about ethical food choices as they pertain to kindness to animals, the planet, and one’s health.


If you’re interested in getting on podcasts and doing well as a podcast guest, Kathleen Gage is the marketplace influencer you want to know. As a longtime internet marketer, Kathleen is using skills she’s used for many years to carve out a niche serving nutrition coaches, consultants, start-ups, and small business owners with equity funding to grow their markets. This conversation involves so much more than visibility.

In fact, you’ll discover it’s a genuine testament to being true to yourself, staying in your lane and building integrity in all you do. You’ll gain so much from hearing how Kathleen has parlayed her love of visibility and plant-based living to create a life and business she loves.