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Episode 79

Lip Reading for Business With Laura E. West

Laura E. West is an international intuitive entertainer and one of eleven certified Lipsologist in the world. Simply put: she reads lip prints! And it all started when she read Jilly Eddy’s book “Lipsology, The Art & Science of Reading Lip Prints.” Now corporate clients engage her unusual talent for product promotions, trade shows, team building, charity fundraisers and client appreciation events both in person and virtually. Laura’s clients include: Southwest Airlines, Pandora Radio, Burt’s Bees, NYX Cosmetics, Este Lauder, Campaign Technologies (Singapore), Sephora and Jimmy Choo to name a few.

Laura has read the lip prints of over 1,000 people and one dog named Squirrel. She offers virtual Kiss and Tell lip print parties through Zoom as a creative way to reunite coworkers, friends and families. Her lip print readings are fun, uplifting and amazingly accurate.


Did you know your lip prints say so much about you? That’s why you’re going to love this episode with Certified Lipsologist and International Intuitive Entertainer, Laura E. West. It was a fun conversation about the art of lipsologist and what she does to serve big luxury brand with her unusual talent.

Apparently, there is a secret language transferred by the brain through the lips once they meet the paper. She can identify feelings, thoughts, desires, and energy levels. This is a fascinating conversation you don’t want to miss!


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