Episode 73

Purpose-Lead Leadership in the Workplace with Lee Chambers

Lee Chambers is an Environmental Psychologist, and Founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing. Having spent the last 10 years working in a variety of fields, he has now brought his experience and qualifications with the aim to impact the wellbeing of thousands of individuals and businesses through organizational wellbeing advancement, while looking to promote conscious and purpose lead leadership internally.
This is an issue very close to his heart, as after losing the ability to walk in 2014 due to chronic illness, he has battled back to achieve a positive health outcome and is now on the pathway to become medication free.
He also presents the Health and Wellbeing show on Ribble FM Radio, and speaks in Educational establishments about his varied career path, health challenges and having a resilient mindset.


Have you ever wondered how to empower and inspire people in the workplace? It can be as simple as making people aware of things that impact behavior so they can make shifts and changes for themselves. That’s the beauty of coaching when you’re focused on showing people how to look within to write their own story of leadership. In this episode, Environmental Psychologist, Lee Chambers, shares aspects of the coaching methodology he’s used to coach thousands of people in organizations. His work empowers individuals in organizations to write their own stories and become authentic leaders. It’s a journey of self-awareness that leads to purpose-lead leadership in the workplace that you won’t want to miss.