Discover What Stops Your Sales Success

Episode 71

Discovering the Energy of Sales with Victoria Buckmann

Victoria Buckmann has over 30 years of sales success and loves to create ‘Sales Magic’. She created a successful corporate career with a Fortune 100 company achieving 1000% of her quota month after month, year after year for over a decade! Victoria is energetic and transformational in her approach. She is an Intuitive Business Coach, Sales Genius, a certified Hypnotherapist and Gifted Psychic. With coaching, training and sales experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to empower women to achieve their desired level of success. With a background in corporate, entrepreneurship and sales as well as a deep knowledge of spiritual and energetic principles, she brings together the practical and profound to help you create the magical business you desire.


If you’re sharing your services in the marketplace, you’re in sales. That’s why Intuitive Business Coach, Victoria Buckmann, works with women in business intuitively showing them how to shift their limiting beliefs about selling to more resourceful while equipping them with sales skills to be successful. In this episode, our conversation flows through the intersection the power of faith, belief and energy. Sometimes, it’s simple shifts while other times, it’s a huge shift the results in outcomes that set your life and business on a path of greatness. When tap into what’s happening, you’ll love the journey and the results you’re able to create.


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