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Episode 65

No Wealth Without Health

Maria Horstmann is a Speaker, Health and Insulin Resistance Coach, a Fitness Trainer, and Corporate Wellness Consultant. She left the corporate world to empower stressed out and sugar and carb lovers to optimize their weight and health so they rediscover vitality, happiness, and lead a fulfilling life.
Maria talks her walk. She is passionate about inspiring because she had to unstuck, push pass fears, press rest, and redesign her life in order to reverse her own pre-diabetes, sugar addiction, eating disorder, and G.I. challenges.
As a holistic practitioner, Maria’s custom-tailored programs include health pillars of mindset/stress, nutrition, exercise, and blood sugar/insulin sensitivity. With her guidance, accountability, motivation, and tools people transform their lives from the inside out. Maria’s education includes an MBA from Emory University, Personal Training, Insulin Resistance and Nutritional Endocrinology trainings.


One of the hardest business lessons to learn is why your health is crucial when you have a business. Unfortunately, however, many people focus on burning the candle at both ends or miss the warning signs about taking care of your health. In this episode with Health and Wellness Consultant and Coach, Maria Horstmann, discover the warning signs you can no longer ignore if you want to get ahead of ensuring you have your health. It’s time to do due diligence so you can act on the right information and avoid misinformation about your potential health issues. Without your health, you cannot operate a thriving business. Tune in so you can take the right steps today to ensure you have health today, tomorrow and in the future because there is no wealth without health.


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