Discover What Stops Your Sales Success

Episode 63

The Power of Creativity to Boost Your Sales

Sherita Sparrow is a Therapeutic Art Practitioner, Consultant, and Author who has been sharing her gift of art since 2003. Sherita Sparrow is also the CEO and Founder of The Feather’s Touch, LLC, a holistic therapeutic art company, that designs innovative programs to restore and maintain the highest level of functionality for elders and individuals with special needs. Through years of experience and art and aging research, Sherita has been inspiring other creatives to use their artistic gift to enrich lives and build a career that adds to their higher purpose.


Do you know the powerful role creativity plays in every aspect of your business? Coupled with authenticity, creativity offers the source for you to create exciting journeys for your clients that keeps them coming back for more. In this episode, Therapeutic Art Practitioner, Sherita Sparrow, shares how she’s built a successful business as a creative by following her heart every step of the way. Like Sherita, you’ll discover how to show up creatively and authentically so you can fuel your sales. She serves a special community and it affords her every opportunity to understand the power of creativity and how it shows up in what she does every single day.


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