Discover What Stops Your Sales Success

Episode 61

Removing Mind Blocks So You Can Raise Your Fees

Lilia Navarrete is a transformational business coach who works with service-based entrepreneurs so they can charge more money for their amazing services. She does that through a combination of subconscious work, which she absolutely loves combined with a strategy of high-end offers. Lilia is passionate about helping entrepreneurs truly thrive in their lives and businesses through discovering their deepest blind spots and then helping them remove those. Lilia believes that we create struggle in our lives and businesses because we were taught that struggle and sacrifice are something good, valuable, ethical almost.
And she also believes that money is just a reflection of our most deepest beliefs about ourselves. The market, economy, prices and clients have nothing to do with how much we earn. Finally, she believes that the most important mission of every human on this planet is to be happy and to receive pleasure and joy through everything. If we all do that, the world will become a better place in which to live.


If you’ve wanted to raise your fees but found yourself resistant to doing what it takes to do so, it’s probably because you have some mental roadblocks or mind blocks about money. The solution isn’t always a new strategy, system or process to remove those mind blocks. It’s time for some money mindset coaching. Lilia Navarrete is a Transformational Business Coach for service-based entrepreneurs. Everyday, she coaches her clients to remove those money blocks and set fees that creates real freedom in their businesses. Someone who is passionate about freedom herself, Lilia knows the right questions to ask to reveal what’s truly going on with her clients. Tune into this episode to discover what you may be facing.


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