Episode 59

How to Use Your Gifts to Create a Thriving Business

Lisa Santiago McNeill, is the Coach’s Coach helping other powerful female leaders go from impact to INCOME! You know how so many amazing women have learned some difficult lessons through their life’s experiences and want to help others to overcome those same challenges but they are doing a lot of helping but not earning a lot of money and sometimes have to work a part time job just to be able to afford to do what they know they have been called to do.

Well, what Lisa does is show those amazing women how to properly monetize, market and share what they do so they can go from impact to INCOME and live the lives they deserve and replace their part time income. She helps coaches and consultants to publish, podcast and promote their knowledge to success.


Are you ready to turn your business into more than just a ministry? Abundance, reciprocity, gifts, and blessings are huge parts of the business of the Coach’s Coach, Lisa Santiago McNeill.She shows her clients how to tap into their gifts while making an impact that leads to income. In this episode, Lisa shares her journey from ministry helping entrepreneurs to the Empowerment Duo with her Sales Coachhusband, Brian Keith McNeill. Her story will make you chuckle and inspire you to see the ONE crucial element that will guide you from ministry to making money. You’ll never look at abundance the same way!